Investing in Turkey Crypto Market in Turkey

Turkish Investors Loves Crypto

Owning crypto currency is most common in Turkey, according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey. One in five Turks said they had used or currently owned crypto currency in the 2019 online poll.

Turkey; Investment Center of MENA region

Turkey is without a doubt the only country that boasts of a high percentage of independent crypto-ownership in Europe and the Middle East. It has one of the most robust and promising crypto communities anywhere in the entire world.”
Andy Cheung, head of operations at the global crypto exchange OKEx

Turkish is Important Market for future of Crypto

 ‘From cash to crypto: The money revolution’ report published by ING showed us Turkey is the one of the most important martket for crypto world.
Turkey is the only nation with a majority of respondents displaying positive attitudes (62 percent)

Also 63% of Turkey’s population is keen on the idea of their banks offering accounts in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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